Egg Tart is a traditional Chinese dessert, and it is not an exaggeration to call it one of the most famous pastries in Hong Kong.

There are two kinds of tart shells, one is puff pastry-like, the other cookie-like. The crust is normally made with lard rather than butter or shortening. Flaky crust egg tarts are normally held in higher regard due to their multi layered crust and usually requires more skill to make the flaky crust perfect.

Rice Chi (Nuomici) is a sweet pastry in Hong Kong. The main ingredient of the layer is glutinous rice. There are different types of filling such as red bean paste, mango and peanuts. Coconut powder is Sprinkle on the dumpling. It taste sweet and soft.
Fishballs, which are made from cod or haddock, are one of the most famous local snack in Hong Kong. The two kinds of fish balls sold in Hong Kong are yellow fishball and white fishball. Yellow Fishball (Street food) Smaller in size, made from cheaper fish than the white variety, they are usually sold at food stalls with five to seven balls on a bamboo skewer. The fish balls are usually boiled in a spicy curry sauce. Fish balls are one of the most popular and representative "street foods" of Hong Kong. White Fishball (Restaurant) White fishballs from traditional restaurants are made from fresh fish and are normally hand-made by the owners using traditional techniques. Prices are usually higher than the street version.
Roasted sweet potato are simply just sweet potatoes roasted, but this simple cooking makes people’s hearts miss a beat because it is sweet and smooth. The snack is not only sold in developing parts of Hong Kong (where street-side-cooked-food-stalls are situated), but are also sold in commercial areas by hawkers due to its popularity.
Wife cake, also called sweetheart cake, is a traditional Cantonese pastry with a flaky, thin skin and is made of winter melon, almond paste and sesame. It is popular in Hong Kong because of its authentic taste. The snack is so popular that even professional chefs use it to make modern interpretations of the snack. One of the reasons behind the name of this snack is because there was a legend about a wife who sold herself as a slave to buy medicine for her sick, dying husband. Knowing what the wife did, he made cakes (later known as wife cake) dedicating it to his wife, and sold it, earning enough money to buy his wife back, thus earning the name “Wife cake”.