Have you wondered what Hong Kong people eat during tea? Have you wondered what types of local snack does Hong Kong, the famous international city with food from all around the world, have to offer? Then you have come to the right website.

Street snacks in Hong Kong are very cheap due to their deliciousness and cheap ingredients. They are also very important to the people in Hong Kong, where everything is commercial-based, making the stalls a part of Hong Kong people’s culture before it became modernized. The street snacks are also very popular among tourists as there aren’t many street stalls like the ones in Hong Kong in other countries. The taste is also a contributing factor for its popularity amongst tourists.

This website has a lot of information on the snacks served by the infamous street-side-cooked-food-stalls in Hong Kong. The category page has the main information of the snacks sold by the stalls, which are categorized by their cooking method. There are also comments given by student taste testers and foreign people. This page would be the most informative page of the site.

The ‘Rank’ page ranks the foods by their popularity, where the results are gotten through questionnaires and the scores given in the category page by the taste testers. This page would be useful if you are in a tight budget and do not want taste all of the snacks to check which one you like or if you would like to see what the majority likes.

The special recommendation will have the snacks which look weird, taste weird, smell weird or are weird in some other ways. Though this page is very brief, but it is very meaningful as the snacks recommended there are not necessarily interpretations of snacks or food from other countries and are unique.

The sitemap is nothing special but simply the sitemap, as for the ‘About Us’ page, it includes some information of us.

Though street snacks might look like a bundle of unhygienic junk food to some people, but it means a lot to Hong Kong people as it has been around for several generations, so more people should know about these delicious snacks and this is also a reason why we’re making this website.