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About Us

We are the team represents Maryknoll Fathers' School who study ICT.These are the members of our team.



I am Apple Mok. A sixteen-year-old girl who loves eating. I love eating local street-side snacks the best because they are affordable and delicious. My wish is to try all kinds of local street-side snacks in Hong Kong within this year.

I am Hugo .I am now studying in Maryknoll Fathers’ School. Talking about Hong Kong food, I like curry fish balls the most! I like its spicy, it lets me feel excited. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to try it!

I am Josie Ho, a secondary student in form 5. There is lots of local food in Hong Kong. I enjoy the food which is sweet. Egg Waffle, put chai ko and nuomici are all of my favourite! Nice to meet you all! Which Hong Kong local food you like most?


I am Kelvin. I am now studying in Maryknoll Fathers’ School .I am a 16-year-old Secondary 4 student. My favourite type of food is spicy food, such as fried squid.

My name is Liane Suen. I am 15 years old. I like playing badminton and reading books. I like eating Hong Kong local food very much. Fried squid and egg tart are my favorite food.

Hi! Everyone  >O< My name is Lily. I am a fifteen years old student.  I am a secondary 4 student.  My hobbies are eating and reading.
My favorite food are  fishballs  and candy

I am Michelle. This is the first time I join the web design program and draw the layout of our website. Although I am not good at drawing, I still love drawing very much. I feel hungry every time when I draw the food .

I am Sandy Poon, a form 5 student. I love eating very much, for example fish ball and egg tart.  I love the street food in Hong Kong as they are delicious and the most special in the world!

Hi, I am Seamus, a 15-year-old secondary 4 student in Maryknoll Fathers’ School. I like eating food very much, especially Hong Kong Local Food. If you asked me to choose the most delicious Hong Kong local food, I will definitely choose egg tart. It’s tasty;)

My name is Swapnil, one of the web design teams member, I’m 15 this year. I’m a Nepalese and even though I was born in Hong Kong, so I never really ate from street-side-cooked-food-stalls. So some of the food I’m going to eat in the video is going to be a first time for me.

I am Hon Wai Kam, a secondary 5 student. I like Hong Kong local food very much. My favourite Hong Kong local food are egg tart, three of a kind, beef entrails, egg waffle and grid biscuits. Which one you like the most?

Hi, I m 16 years old and studying  F5  in mfs,  HK food really tasty so I like it very much, my favorite food is egg tart!

I am Yoyo Kwok from F.4B. I am a girl who is really love eating, especially Korean food and Japanese Food .I am also learning Japanese and Korean. However I love Hong Kong too. I am a photographer of this project.

I'm Miss To. Since I love eating street food, I am chubby. However, I do not regret because I think it is a kind of enjoyable experience! Hong Kong is really a food paradise. I am proud and happy to be a Hog Konger :)