Wife Cake

Wife cake, also called sweetheart cake, is a traditional Cantonese pastry with a flaky, thin skin and is made of winter melon, almond paste and sesame. It is popular in Hong Kong because of its authentic taste. The snack is so popular that even professional chefs use it to make modern interpretations of the snack.

One of the reasons behind the name of this snack is because there was a legend about a wife who sold herself as a slave to buy medicine for her sick, dying husband. Knowing what the wife did, he made cakes (later known as wife cake) dedicating it to his wife, and sold it, earning enough money to buy his wife back, thus earning the name “Wife cake”.

It is my favourite food because of its sweet!


Winter melon taste good!


Tastes too sweet and soft.


Good! That my favourite food, sweet make it more tasty.


It is too sweet.


I love sweetish food.


It is very traditional canton food but I don’ t like it at all.