Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu is a street snack with a strong smell. It can be eaten cold, steamed, stewed and fried. The reason for this strong smell is because it is usually fried in pots which fried many other street snacks.
In Hong Kong, the tofu is in deep fried . The tofu usually eaten with hoisin sauce since the tofu itself doesn’t have much taste.
The tofu taste crunchy outside and soft inside with a strong smell as mentioned above, but doesn’t taste bad while you are eating .Instead ,it tastes very delicious. Therefore, it fascinate tourists to come Hong Kong to try this quirky food


I don't like the smell of it.


I love that smell.


It is smelly so i hate eating it.


It is too smelly.


I don't like its smell.      


Er...I..think it smell unique..

I dare not try it. 

It is another style of tofu.


Best of the best! It is in bad smell but taste good!