Roasted Sweet Potato

Roasted sweet potato are simply just sweet potatoes roasted, but this simple cooking makes people’s hearts miss a beat because it is sweet and smooth. The snack is not only sold in developing parts of Hong Kong (where street-side-cooked-food-stalls are situated), but are also sold in commercial areas by hawkers due to its popularity.

It It's very fragrant. I feel warm when I eat it.


It contain some coal smelling. I love it.


Roasted sweet potatoes make me feel warm after I’ve eaten them.


It heats me up in winter and I feel warm after eating.


When I eat it in winter, I feel warm.


It is good when you eat this potato is hot, suitable for winter!


My favourite! Especially in winter! Warm my heart!

It's tasty especially in winter. We can't make the same flavour at home as street stalls.