Put Chai Ko

Put Chai Ko, or Sticky Rice Pudding, is very popular street snack in Hong Kong. The main reason to this is because it was a childhood snack to most Hong Kong people and still is to the new generation.
There are four types of Put Chai Ko, the ones using white sugar, the ones using brown sugar, and the ones using the two same sugars mentioned above, but with red beans.

The texture is chewy and the taste is sweet for the first two, but the other two are chewy on the outside with some harder texture on the inside(complements of the red beans), and tastes sweet, just like the first two.


Taste very good, not too sweet. 



It is sweet and soft.




Filling with red bean is wonderful!!



Too sweet for me. I will have tooth decay if I eat too much.



It taste sweet and the red bean one is more delicious.



It is very traditional canton food. Not very strong taste, little sweet with red bean.