Grid Cake

Grid cakes are baked in checkered-patterned griddles. Then the filling would be added in which is usually together with butter, peanut butter, condensed milk, syrup, fruit, whipped cream or caramel inside, then it folded it in to half.  Grid cakes are made of eggy batter like the Gai Daan Jai. It’s baked in golden yellow with checkered shaped. Although it can’t be called a traditional snack as it was brought in by the west, but the popularity of the snack is high, making it the favorite food of some people.

I always buy this to eat! Maybe its taste is too sweet to others.

You must try this when it just out of stove! Very very good! You can find it selling with Egg Waffle. This one is something like Egg waffle with sugar and peanut butter.