Fishball, which are made up of cod or haddock, are one of the most famous local snack in Hong Kong. The two kinds of fish balls sold in Hong Kong are yellow fishball and white fishball.

Yellow Fishball (Street food)
Smaller in size, made from cheaper fish than the white variety, they are usually sold at food stalls with five to seven balls on a bamboo skewer. The fish balls are usually boiled in a spicy curry sauce. Fish balls are one of the most popular and representative "street foods" of Hong Kong.

White Fishball (Restaurant)
White fishballs from traditional restaurants are made from fresh fish and are normally hand-made by the owners using traditional techniques. Prices are usually higher than the street version.

My favourite food because of its spicy!


I love spicy food.


I love curry and fishball.


Good! That my favorite food, spicy make it more tasty.

I don't like spicy food.

Spicy food is my favourite!


It is a bit chilly but it is tasty.


Although its spicy for me, its tasty.


It is quite spicy but it is not too bad.