Deuk Deuk Tong

Deuk Deuk Tong or Ding Ding Tong is a type of traditional candy in Hong Kong. It is a hard maltose candy with sesame and ginger flavours. As a result, it tastes sweet, and children in Hong Kong like it very much.

The process of making it is by melting maltose, then adding ingredients like coconut for coconut flavour, or ginger for the original flavour while it’s still melted, and wait until it solidifies. Finally, it is chiselled into small pieces. The name deuk comes from this process as deuk means chiselling in Cantonese, thus earning its name Deuk Deuk Tong.

Nowadays, there are many different flavours of Deuk Deuk Tong suck as coconut, chocolate, mango, banana, and strawberry.

I don't like hard candy, I can't chew it, also it's too sweet for me.

It is too hard for me to eat .


It is too sweet for me.


Quite hard but sweet.


It is hard to bite.



It is too sweet.